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Monday, April 23, 2012

Lift up your wedding dress and show your shoes

Gone are the days of a white or ivory wedding shoes that was barely seen and just another accessory.Today's bridal shoes take center stage thanks in part to photographers who tell wedding stories with fantastic visual details.There are huge choices in shoes, colors and style, doesn't matter what's your budget.I recently spoke to a bride whose wedding shoes cost 14.00 at a  department store on sale. It was what she wanted, pretty and low heeled to be the same height as the groom.But most importantly the fit was very comfortable, just like your wedding dress the fit and feel is important, you don't want to be in pain walking down the isle.So concerned was I about comfort I wore my wedding shoes to a wedding I attended a week before my own.This brings me to the point, it doesn't matter what end of the spectrum your budget falls on  wedding shoes need to be broken in, yes even the Loubouts.At some point you will have to have a dress fitting with you wedding shoes on so plan ahead.As to style and fashion get what you love and feel comfortable in. To dance the night away it might mean one of those wedding sneakers or cute flip flops to wear at the reception.It's your day celebrate and enjoy.

The shoe can be your something blue.

If you are a bride who prefers a more traditional look these colors might work for you
Kick your heels up and celebrate the brides shoe.


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