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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bride in pink

The bride wears shades of pink on her dress and accessories half circle bouquet

Friday, December 12, 2014

May the Joy and peace of the holiday's be with you and your loves ones and all the fans of and WeddingCandynow. com Happy New Year.

It's the Holiday season

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cool idea for an Autumn Wedding Marshmallows and Candy corn 

Candy Corn on the Cob!! It's a large marshmallow with candy corn all around it! Clever and Cute for any fall celebration

Friday, August 22, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014

                                           WELCOME WEDDING SUMMER 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Valentines day 2014

Yes it's that time of year again Romantic Valentines day we will be featuring lots of ideas an inspiration stay tuned

Flower Dress

Friday, October 11, 2013

Best Wishes for the New year to all the readers of WeddingCandyNow.Com

Autumn Wedding Ideas

If you’re looking for a beautiful time of the year for your wedding, consider having the reception and ceremony in autumn. From d├ęcor, to headpieces, to the cake, to flowers, and everything else you can imagine, an autumn wedding has some appealing possibilities.

Fall Wedding Ideas
Fall means Thanksgiving, which gets us thinking about Christmas, too. Fall is a wonderful time to celebrate togetherness with family and friends. It’s with this thought in mind that having a fall wedding can make for a wonderful autumn occasion.

If you want to have the best autumn wedding possible, consider some of these tips and ideas for your upcoming occasion:

  • Remember that one of the nice things about fall weddings is that you can have an event that’s both simple and yet elegant.
  • If you happen to live in a place with trees that truly become beautiful during the height of the fall season, consider having the ceremony in an outdoor setting. If you don’t live in a place that features gorgeous fall foliage, then think about having your ceremony in a place that features dark, rich woods, a fireplace, and understated beauty.
  • Consider using traditional fall colors for your decorating needs. These colors can include red, orange, brown, and yellow. Some people love the modern fall visuals schemes that feature chocolate-brown with a light-blue accent.
  • For a headpiece, consider something a rich tone and a luxurious texture. A tiara that utilizes fall flowers can be lovely. Think of a motif that features an abstract floral and/or vine design. Some headpieces can even be so simple in their design, that you can potentially wear them for other occasions.
  • In terms of flowers, your fall wedding should try to include roses, daises, mums, yarrow, and other types along those lines. Depending on the overall theme of your wedding, you can also consider adding things like leaves or hollowed-out pumpkins.
  • If you’re stuck for menu ideas, keep in mind that the tradition for fall feasts are delicious meats with large side dishes. This notion can very easily be applied to an autumn wedding menu.
  • An off-white or cream dress can prove to be a lovely idea for some fall wedding dress ideas.
  • Remember that fall weather can be a bit unpredictable, sometimes quite chilly, and sometimes very warm. Try to plan accordingly.

An autumn wedding can truly be a wonderful time of the year for such an occasion.

Sunday, March 31, 2013


No doubt  it's wedding season around here and in  your neck of the woods to.

And to all the Bride to Be's enjoy planning one of the most exciting days of your life, and remember to take time out for you and the love of your life to recharge. And most importantly live in the moment take time to be present an enjoy the wonderful memories you are creating with your family and friends.

Don't run out dress shopping and the day after you get engaged.

 I am  not saying procrastinate but take the  time to organize your wedding date with your church or ceremony site.Investigate the business whose services you might be using and get lots of word of mouth recommendations and check vendors out with the Better Business Bureau.Find out who is really servicing your wedding sometimes business may subcontract it services.

Figure out how many people you can realistically afford to invite you can keep your numbers down but be sure to invite the most important people in both families.

When it comes to weddings these days there are lot of options and choices from a Taco bar to an Ice cream bar Electronic Wedding Invitations or Traditional Paper invites.Weather you use a DJ a Band or an Mp3 Player all depends on  your preferences and budget.Don't put your self into debt by throwing the wedding of your dreams you can't afford.Whats important is the commitment you and your love one are making to marriage and declaring your love for each other in front of family and friends

Remember your wedding may not go exactly as planned if that happens look over to your love one and whisper I love you go with the flow.This is the beginning of your marriage.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Valentines Weddings


Febuary 14th is the day for I do's 

From the Red Roses to the Chocolates

St Valentines day celebrates love and romance

like no other time of year which makes it

the perfect time to get married on Valentine's


Valentines wedding cocktail

1 tbs spoon lemon juice
1 cup strawberry puree
1/4cup simple syrup
1 tbs spoon Grenadine
1/4 cup Strawberry Liqueur
Mix ingredients together chill and pour into fabulous glasses
garnish with mint leaves and berries
Toast to the big day

If Champagne is more your style

This Gonet_Medeville Extra Brut Rose

has the blush and taste at less than fifty dollars a pop

Add to the excitement by having a Valentines day wedding by choosing a location unique location to host your wedding maybe a romantic old castle or a ferris wheel at an amusement park plan your celebration around that theme and create memories that last a life time for you and your guest.

 Fresh flowers can cost 2 to 3 times as more on Valentines day, Mothers day and other holidays.Using less flowers or artificial flowers might be a more cost effective way to go. DIY a brooch bouquet and have an item from your wedding that last forever.



Table top center piece using balloons

Monday, July 23, 2012





A soft romantic pink wedding is one of the latest trends in wedding fashion.Pink can be used for different wedding themes the color is perfect for a candyland wedding theme or spring weddings.Pink makes a strong yet subtle statement.Although pink is considered a "girly color" like blue is considered a boys color.You don't have to be a girly girl to adorn your wedding with this color, pinks come in a wide range of shades from hot pink to Magenta and pastels.So weather you call it Rosas,Gulabi, or Souraty it's all pink.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six tips for your wedding planning


 The summer months is a great time for weddings and most weddings this time of year are sprinkled with the colors of summer or the pastel shades of spring.The the darker colors are usually reserved for the later months in the year, but nothing says formal more than a black and white wedding.There are lots of choices to have a  sophisticated and elegant wedding
theme. The Damask trend ties in to this look  to set a  modern and glamorous tone.
A black and white color palette is very flexible a splash of any color can be added for drama
You can have that look of luxury and chic and stand out during wedding season.


  1. Ask to see the transportation taking you to your wedding.In order to make sure there is enough room for you your dress and every one else and the vehicle  is well maintained.Even if the ride to your marriage venue might be a short one it should be  stress free and comfortable.

    2 If you are traveling for your honeymoon don't forget your luggage.Make a list of all the items you would need for the trip and pack way ahead of time.The week of your wedding is not the best time to be packing for your honeymoon.

    3 When booking a venue location and ambiance  and food is important but so is parking look at the parking facilities before booking.Twice as important if you are having a big wedding.

6To have have a smooth transition at the start of the wedding ceremony.Children serving as Ring bearers Flower girls should be able to walk down the isle with out coaxing and unattended.If there is that special little one you want to include in the ceremony consider giving them an age appropriate role

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fantasy Floral Wedding Dresses

I must confess I am in love with flowers, the feel of the petals the touch, the smell, takes me to another place.On the days I need cheering up just a walk in the garden cures my melancholy.The sent from a flower can take you back to a romantic moonlight night. Or the other important events in our lives we grieve or celebrate in the presence of flowers.So I am thrilled with this  floral wedding dress style of making
 sculpture's of  wedding dresses made entirely of flowers.There are designer's who actually make a fresh flower dresses wearable one notable designer is Preston Baily who created a wearable foral wedding dress.If your dream is to be covered from head to toe in rose petals this is the post for you.


Wedding flowers on the shoe.

Add flowers to your wedding dress for a unique look.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lift up your wedding dress and show your shoes

Gone are the days of a white or ivory wedding shoes that was barely seen and just another accessory.Today's bridal shoes take center stage thanks in part to photographers who tell wedding stories with fantastic visual details.There are huge choices in shoes, colors and style, doesn't matter what's your budget.I recently spoke to a bride whose wedding shoes cost 14.00 at a  department store on sale. It was what she wanted, pretty and low heeled to be the same height as the groom.But most importantly the fit was very comfortable, just like your wedding dress the fit and feel is important, you don't want to be in pain walking down the isle.So concerned was I about comfort I wore my wedding shoes to a wedding I attended a week before my own.This brings me to the point, it doesn't matter what end of the spectrum your budget falls on  wedding shoes need to be broken in, yes even the Loubouts.At some point you will have to have a dress fitting with you wedding shoes on so plan ahead.As to style and fashion get what you love and feel comfortable in. To dance the night away it might mean one of those wedding sneakers or cute flip flops to wear at the reception.It's your day celebrate and enjoy.

The shoe can be your something blue.

If you are a bride who prefers a more traditional look these colors might work for you
Kick your heels up and celebrate the brides shoe.